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Bringing Your Perfume Dreams To Life


Who we are?

Our fragrance manufacture is family owned and has been operating for over 50 years. Creating perfumery and fragrance products for multiple brands, across the globe.

The benefits of adding a perfume line can fundamentally create additional sales of the goods and services that your business already provides. Giving you the competitive advantage that your business may have been looking for!

Our expert team and master perfumer will formulate the perfect bespoke scent for your organisation or event, that will not only keep your companies brand name in mind but, will add a level of prestige to your current business model.

Our Aims

Our aims of the business are to collaborate with:

Fashion Boutique Stores


Social Media Influencers

Wedding Events

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

We aim to work with Individuals that have one day wished to start their own perfume line, but do not have the resources, access or high-end budget to do so.

Our platform allows our customers to compete in a highly lucrative market without the need for a substantial investment.

Market statistics have shown that, in order to create a custom bottle and perfume line, can cost anywhere between £35,000 – £150,000+.

The reason for the high investment is due to most/all bottling manufactures ask for a minimum order of 10,000 to 30,000 units, along with the time and cost of formulating the perfume in a laboratory, marketing, product testing, packaging and distribution.

Our Model

However! our clients no longer need to order/commit to 30,000 units, waste time on packaging, spend years, months and endless hours formulating perfumery products, finding packaging companies to store the bottles in and stock/ distribute the products.

Our business model handles all of the above and has streamlined and refined the complete process for you at a much more cost effective and
affordable price.

Our expert team are able to deliver a fully finished product or range in under 4 weeks.

With “minimum” orders starting from 250 bottles, please see our packages section for more information.

Our Packages


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