How to Start?


You can get in touch with us via our email address ( or contact telephone number (0800 644 1212) where we will discuss your requirements and provide you with further information on your fragrance and packaging options.


We will arrange a client brief meeting together, where we will discuss more in-depth your client summary and vision. You will also have the chance to smell some of our fragrance compounds and ingredients showcasing our amazing products. We listen to your requirements and together, we refine the brief to meet your vision expectations.


We will then develop your bespoke fragrance samples based on your brief requirements, where you will be able to change or amend your fragrance until you are satisfied with your scent creation. You will also be able to choose which bottle you would like and how you would like to have your packaging and labels designed too.


We modify the fragrance(s) until you are completely satisfied. Once approved, we will instruct the start of the manufacturing process and have your finished products ready in under 4 weeks.

Why work with us?

We present you the opportunity to not only capitalise on an ever-growing market, which is currently worth over $38 Billion and is subject to grow to $52.5 Billion by 2025, but we want to take your brand to the next level by giving you the keys to increase your competitive advantage.

Our scent creations not only breathe life into every bottle released from our olfactory, they build excitement which cultivates an enigma to search for beauty, that leads to a wild opulent journey into the soul.

Customers are always on the look out to find their unique scent, whether that’s a scent for the office, holidays, after a gym workout, evening nights out and of course going on those butterfly dates.

The population across the world wants to smell amazing, so why not give them the chance to enhance their individuality, confidence and uniqueness, whilst building an even bigger brand loyalty base.

By collaborating with our company, JEUSSI are able to create the perfect scented product for your target audience, that will be staring at your target audience every time they wake up in the morning.

We want to help you, enhance your brand position and offer something that will have your customers coming back for more.

Work with JEUSSI
Fragrance product testing with JEUSSI

Product Testing

Our fragrances are free of toxic chemicals such as Parabens and Sulphates. The product is Hypoallergenic skin safe and animal cruelty free. The fragrances are produced under laboratory conditions and the quality is continuously monitored to meet the standards of European Union requirements.


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